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A line-by-line copy edit of your early draft, including revisions for language issues and advice on content.

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Manuscript Editing/Editing Process


Our Mission

High quality and easy to comprehend writings in English have since been of a major advantage in the international world of science publishing. Stanford Proofreading provides you professional editing and proofreading services.


What We DO

At Stanford Proofreading, we help authors with the correction and improvement of the use of English in their writings. We have the practical knowledge and skills needed to improve your manuscript in clear and concise English that is error-free and ready for submission to reputable journals.


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Academic Proofreading Services

Stanford Proofreading offers a fully comprehensive academic proofreading and editing service for students, senior academics, research students and professors. We cover all academic disciplines


Business Proofreading Services

Stanford Proofreading provides proofreading for businesses, governmental departments, Universities, banking and financial institutions and novelists. Once your order is placed your document


Book Editing Services

Writing and publishing an academic or scientific book amounts to a lengthy and demanding process in which success depends not only on sound research and groundbreaking discoveries, but also on accurate and thorough data and references, effective and consistent formatting and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Content Creation Services

Presenting papers at conferences is a vital part of a scholarly career, and revised versions of many conference papers are eventually published in conference proceedings or in academic or scientific journals.



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