Service Price

Our Charges are reasonable. Please find below a breakdown of our price:

Premium Subscription:
For 3 Days Fee of $1000 (up to 30 thousand words), 7 Days Fee of $2000 (up to 65 thousand words) and a monthly fee of $4000 you get to join the all-you-can-proofread buffet! You send us all your documents throughout your subscription time. We will proofread them as they come in and send them back proofread.

Standard Fees:
We charge just $0.0435 per word with a maximum of $40.00 per 1000 words manuscript page. If your manuscript includes tables and figures, each one will be counted as having 50 words. Note that formulas are assumed accurate and therefore, will not be edited. In addition, references follow the normal US$0.435 per word rate.

If you wish to resubmit your edited manuscript for further revisions, you will pay only $0.025 per word. Note that we only charge you this rate for pages actually re-edited. Unaltered pages incur no additional fee.

First Submission:
Number of words to be edited: 5000
-Total number of tables in the manuscript: 5
-Total words associated with tables: 50
-Total number of words: 5000
-Price per word: $0.043 (maximum of $40 per one thousand words)
-Total price for first submission: $200.00

Second Submission:
-Number of pages to be re-edited: 5 pages
-Number of words to be re-edited: 2000
-Number of tables to be re-edited: 4
-Number of words associated with resubmitted tables: 200
-Total number of words to be re-edited: 2000
-Price per re-edited word: $0.025
-Total price for second revision: $50

Minimum Charge:
We are ready to assist you with all of your English-language polishing needs, no matter how large or small your manuscript is. We do charge a minimum fee of $40.00 though. So if your document contains 500 words or less, our invoice to you will reflect this minimum charge.

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Short Description 1

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